Designing Uber

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Disclaimer: All things below are collected from public sources or purely original. No Uber-confidential stuff here.

Requirements #

  • ride hailing service targeting the transportation markets around the world
  • realtime dispatch in massive scale
  • backend design

Architecture #

uber architecture

Why micro services? #

Conway’s law says structures of software systems are copies of the organization structures.

Monolithic Service Micro Services
Productivity, when teams and codebases are small ✅ High ❌ Low
Productivity, when teams and codebases are large ❌ Low ✅ High (Conway’s law)
Requirements on Engineering Quality ❌ High (under-qualified devs break down the system easily) ✅ Low (runtimes are segregated)
Dependency Bump ✅ Fast (centrally managed) ❌ Slow
Multi-tenancy support / Production-staging Segregation ✅ Easy ❌ Hard (each individual service has to either 1) build staging env connected to others in staging 2) Multi-tenancy support across the request contexts and data storage)
Debuggability, assuming same modules, metrics, logs ❌ Low ✅ High (w/ distributed tracing)
Latency ✅ Low (local) ❌ High (remote)
DevOps Costs ✅ Low (High on building tools) ❌ High (capacity planning is hard)

Combining monolithic codebase and micro services can bring benefits from both sides.

Dispatch Service #

  • consistent hashing sharded by geohash
  • data is transient, in memory, and thus there is no need to replicate. (CAP: AP over CP)
  • single-threaded or locked matching in a shard to prevent double dispatching

Payment Service #

The key is to have an async design, because payment systems usually have a very long latency for ACID transactions across multiple systems.

UserProfile Service and Trip Service #

  • low latency with caching
  • UserProfile Service has the challenge to serve users in increasing types (driver, rider, restaurant owner, eater, etc) and user schemas in different regions and countries.

Push Notification Service #

  • Apple Push Notifications Service (not quite reliable)
  • Google Cloud Messaging Service GCM (it can detect the deliverability) or
  • SMS service is usually more reliable
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